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Individual Counseling


“I just can’t seem to make it work.”

“I want relationships and don’t know why I hold back.”

“As soon as I open up, they leave”

“Everyone I’ve loved has hurt me.”

“I can’t stop overthinking everything.”

"I feel so alone."

"Why can't I just pull myself together?"

“Does this diagnosis mean I’m broken?”


You feel stuck between wanting to connect and holding back

Hurt because people you trusted abandoned, betrayed, rejected, or disappointed you

What used to work to cope, isn't working anymore.

You hate the version of yourself you see.

The word “family” causes more pain than you’d like to admit


What if instead...

you could connect

you could trust

you had confidence

you could do it scared

you could change the patterns of your family


This is possible here.

Today is a new day.

“We can be our worst selves when we’re afraid, or our best, bravest selves." -Brené Brown

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